Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My inspiration for the day:

This amazing sestina by Chris Stroffolino


This LA Times story about Lisa Salem, an artist who decided to chronicle her walk across LA (she rigged a camera to a babystroller and is posting updates on her blog.) I especially loved this quote:

"I like the idea of doing something absurd, passionately. To me that's poetic, but you have to find a roundabout way to access that kind of poetic feeling, especially in L.A."
And her process sounds a lot like my creative process:

"During the first week I realized that a lot of this project is about
serendipity," Salem says. "Rather than imposing any kind of agenda, I want to see what comes in front of the camera. The point isn't to do an anthropological survey of each area. It's not about 'this place is like this and that place is like that' but more about what happens when I just do the walk."

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