Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More inspiration for the day--the indefatigable, ever-inspiring MJ Rose has created the "GOOD BOOKS/GOOD CAUSE BLOG-A-THON" campaign.

She writes:

The goal of this two-week campaign is to connect book lovers with a good cause and a great summer read via the vidlit for THE HALO EFFECT.

I've secured pledges from real-life supporters - my publisher, agent,
family and friends - who will collectively donate $5 to the nonprofit literacy organization, Reading Is Fundamental, for each website or blog that links to the Vidlit for THE HALO EFFECT before July 19.

The goal is to get at least 500 blogs to link and raise $2500+ for the charity.

I am happy to add my blog to the list. The vidlit is a great peek into the spirit of MJ's sexy, suspenseful novel. And I love that the woman pictured in the vidlit has a real body--not a wafer-thin model frame. Plus, RIF is such a fabulous organization--I was always thrilled when the RIF people came to my elementary school to launch the annual read-a-thon. It was such a treat to get a free book at the end of the time period; I was always so happy and proud to show my teacher the list of books I had read. I need to start keeping lists of the books I read now--I did that a few years ago, but drifted away from the practice; it would be nice to have a record of the stories that pass through me, move me, change me...

You can read my thoughts about the latest book I read, Specimin Days, over at my other blog.

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