Sunday, July 03, 2005

It's Buy a Friend a Book Week! Thanks to author Debra Hamel for creating this wonderful movement and letting me know about it!

I actually bought a book for a friend (my daughter's friend) earlier today before I even knew that this was BAFABW. My daughter is obsessed with all things Japanese, so we went to the Anime Expo today (a wild and slightly overwhelming experience! Lots of people with neon hair and school-girl mini-skirts and swords and capes and dramatic make up. Hannah named herself Zika Moonbeam, sprayed the tips of her hair blue, colored her lips black, and wore a groovy purple dress that I had worn in a dance performance she and I did together when she was 2.) We picked up copies of the Crayon Shinchan manga for her and her friend Sara (aka Lola). Not fine literature, but books, nonetheless!

To celebrate Buy a Friend a Book Week, I want to offer a special deal. I will send a free signed first edition hardcover of either The Book of Dead Birds or Fruitflesh to the first person who can prove you bought one of my books for a friend this week (you can email me the receipt if you purchase it online.)

Happy reading! Happy giving!

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