Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm excited to unveil the updated version of My sweet husband Michael just uploaded it last night. He had planned to noodle around with the site during his paternity leave, but so much of that time was consumed with dealing with my mom's death, and he didn't have a chance to get to it. I was about to hire a web designer, but Michael had a recent jolt of inspiration and dove head first into the project. I love what he came up with--it's clean and bright and has a groovy retro vibe (and he was able to re-use a lot of the content from the last version of the website--thanks, Eula!) We still have a few changes and additions to make, but it's ready to rock now. Check it out and let me know what you think!

The picture on the front page is me at close to eight years old, taken from my old modeling composite (the sort of calling card that agents use to try to get their models work.) You can see the front and back of the composite below, and you can read about my brief and awkward jaunt as a child model in my essay Shoot.


Laraine Herring said...

Lovely, Gayle!! :-) I'm redoing mine this spring as well. The same people who designed the Ghost Swamp Blues cover are doing it. I loved seeing your pictures of youth!! :-)

Much love,

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Gorgeous! The retro look is perfect. It's inviting, informative, easy to navigate and fun.