Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy birthday, Abe!

Don't know how to celebrate Lincoln's birth? How about pick up a copy of My Life with the Lincolns on cd? The audio book--my first!--actually came out on February 9 (you can see the slightly different cover below); I meant to post something about it that day, but my baby came down with a fever--his first--and I was too worried and distracted to do so.

I think it's unusual for an audio cd to come out so soon before the physical book, which comes out in a little over a month, but this gives you a chance to have a sneak peek (er, listen!) You can find links to various booksellers through my website or hit up your favorite local store.

Abe's pretty spry for a 201 year old, don't you think? :)


Donna said...

Hi Gayle:
I listened to the two-minute sample of "My Life with the Lincolns" and was enchanted. I know what book I'm buying for the birthdays of my young friends!

Your new web site is beautiful. I love the retro look. You look just like yourself in your child modeling shots. Reminds me of the dance performances I did at my mother's Beach House. I would hide until the last minute and then come out because "Mommy needs me."

sharon said...

I started listening to the cd today on my way home from work at the Downers Grove Public Library. I had to stop when I heard "Downers Grove Sun." Are you from DG??

gayle said...

Thanks, Donna! I love thinking of you dancing as a girl (although I'm sorry you were roped into performing.)

And Sharon, no, I'm not from Downers Grove, but I grew up in Evanston, so not too far away. I am going to be reading at Anderson's in Downers Grove in April; please come! :)


sharon said...

Anderson's is 50 steps from the library! We'll make it.