Friday, May 30, 2008

Every once in a while, I check my stats to see what search terms have brought people to this blog. Most of the (few) people who end up here seem--to my amusement--to come for reasons that have nothing to do with me or my work. Many are searching for the Calvin and Hobbes dead bird comic strip. A bunch lately have been looking for poems about turning 40. Someone recently was looking for "Halfway the 90th century shell started to realize that there had to be more socially responsible for the society" (I suppose it's nice to know that in the future, shells will be socially responsible!) So amidst such entries, I was quite tickled when today I discovered that someone in Italy did a search for "'gayle brandeis' confection."

Most likely, they were looking for my poem, comfit, but it's fun to imagine what a gayle brandeis confection would look like, what it would taste like. I hope it would be frosted the color of jacaranda blossoms, which are blooming everywhere right now and are making me so happy (although I guess I have to stop rhapsodizing about them. My daughter told me "Enough with the jacarandas" the other day when I couldn't stop my oohing and ahhing on the way to school.) A gayle brandeis confection wouldn't necessarily be as pretty as this painting, though. It might be a little bit sloppy. A bit undercooked. Maybe with a salt crystal embedded somewhere inside. That sounds good to me--I love caramels spiked with sea salt. A bite of sharp mixed with the sweet.

If you did come here because you were actually searching for me, and not because you're looking for a comic strip or poem or strangely translated sentence, you can find a little profile of me in the Homer News (I'll be in Homer, Alaska a week from today!)

If you were a candy, what kind would you be?


Gina said...

Tonight I'd be a milk chocolate truffle.

gayle said...


catiporter said...

You ARE a Gayle Brandeis Confection: Sweet *and* salty, non-fattening (the best kind!) with no artificial sweeteners, eco-friendly, AND there's only one, so it can't be packaged and marketed to the masses!



catiporter said...

Oh, and I'd be something nutty and chocolatey with a cranberry or two or three just for fun.

gayle said...

Aw, Cati, so sweet--thank you! :)

You are a rare and delicious confection yourself (I love the depth of flavor of the cranberries!)


Cork Marshall said...


This is Cody from your current CRWT 172 class ... Cork Marshall is mah pen name.

I'd be a Werther's Original, plain and simple. Or a York peppermint patty.

Hannah said...

I don't talk like that!

gayle said...

Hey Cody/Cork (cool pen name!)

Thanks for finding me here. I'd go with Werther's. :)

And Hannah, my love, I was taking poetic license--I think I got the gist of it right, though. ;)