Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here's the link to the video connected with the Press-Enterprise article (the link is also embedded now in the article itself).

My reading last night was an absolute blast. What a beautiful way to launch the tour. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me--I was so touched by the packed room. Mark Nemetz of Bucksworth was the perfect opening act (two of his songs--"Thingsfoundwalkinwithyourheaddown" and "Don't work so well"--feel especially connected to Self Storage). Kathryn Morton was the perfect host, as always (she even filled the refreshments table with gorgeous dishes of flan, along with bowls of nori crackers, in honor my characters Flan and Nori!) And bringing an unopened self storage auction added such a cool level of excitement to the night. I invited anyone who asked a question to come up and choose an item from the box; everything was wrapped in newspaper, so there was an added element of surprise. The box was labeled "Bedroom Nic Nacs" (I love the spelling!) With a label like that, the contents could have potentially been of an--ahem--intimate nature, but the box ended up being full of all sorts of tchotchkes--a ceramic bell, lots of Coca Cola memorabilia, a dish full of jewelry, a dream catcher. When I have a chance, I'll upload some photos of the evening, of people unwrapping their unexpected treasures. Self Storage auction finds are so bittersweet; there is that wonderful sizzle of possibility in the boxes, but there is also the sadness of a life laid bare, a life dismantled. We acknowledged that, but the evening was definitely not a sad one--it was a real celebration, and I'm grateful to everyone who made it so lovely.

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