Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have a small collection of hilariously-translated pencil boxes on my desk. They have been here for so long, I rarely notice them anymore, but today they jumped out at me, fresh and new and joyful, and I wanted to give them some appreciation.

I'll try to post pictures when I can find my camera, but until then, here is the text of each:

--Sandy & His Friend (featuring one Peanuts-like character, and one blobby, less distinct character, both in baseball garb)

Love always bring us luck

They only say
loftyness is that the more time goes
the more it adds the value.

The world of shining hope for
you and me

--Bobi & Tom (featuring two dinosaurs and a teddy bear)

From time to time, the usual moment seems terribly beautiful

--Super Happy Girl (featuring, not only a super happy girl with a super happy dog sitting on her head, but free floating strawberries, doodles, and random newspaper clippings about Bill Clinton)

A new morning came to seen. My eyes glittered at the moment.

(and, my favorite)

--Animal Kids (featuring kids wearing hugely-headed animal costumes)

I'll sticky about my favorite things. Waves of joy, coming with feeling. How are you?

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