Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy 16th birthday to my amazing son, Arin! How is it possible that my wrinkly little baby with the wise eyes is now a 6 foot tall guy who can grow a beard and has size 13 feet?! Crazy. His eyes still have that same wisdom, though.

In this picture, Arin is jumping his skateboard from one roof to another at the elementary school down the street. I asked him not to do this any more after I first saw the photo (the fact that the portable buildings in question have recently been dismantled will help enforce this!) but I have to admit, the picture gives me a thrill. I love seeing his grace and courage. I love seeing him soar.

May this be a year full of the best kinds of flight.


Rachel said...

Wishing Arin a happy birthday! Hoping that I will have an opportunity to cross paths with you and your family again in the near future.

Size 13 feet?!? That's huge!

Now, back to my novel... (new class starting next week!)


gayle said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! I hope our paths will cross soon, too.

Good luck with the new class! I am eager to hear about the progress of your novel.