Monday, September 04, 2006

Ha! I just found out someone has been messing with the Wikipedia entry about me. Check out the last two lines. Hannah, my subversive Wikipedia-changer girl, was that you?!


Rachel said...

Hannah is really up to something, it seems!

When I was meeting with your cousin Bob Perretz-Rosales in Washington State, I made sure to share the details of Hannah's Wikipedia vandalism stint with him! He was very amused (and also loved to know that Arin is now driving).

BTW - thanks for that NYT article you sent me by email. Very interesting read it was!


gayle said...

Hi Rach!

Hannah finally admitted to her further Wikipedia shenanigans! :) She said she actually changed the entry about me quite a while ago to say something about how my children were awesome and deserved a million dollars. That was edited out by the powers that be, so she just put "gorgeous children" and that was edited out, too, so she finally put that "Don't think they're gorgeous? Prove it." note as a challenge to the editors. She's so funny. I love that you told my cousin about her subversive actions!

I'm glad you liked the article...