Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I woke up this morning still stunned by the fact that I have suddenly found myself as the lead in a musical (I also woke up with a bit of a cold. I hope it won't affect my readings this week. I guess the show must go on, hardee har har.) I have no idea if I can pull this Annie Oakley thing off. The fact that a pacifist vegetarian writer is going to play an illiterate gun-slinger seems ultra-ironic, somehow. Fodder for an essay at least. I feel as if I'm on that MTV show "Made" where they turn self-professed bookworms into cheerleaders, and the like. I wonder if I'll be able to pull it off. It will be very interesting, indeed. I am so touched by the directors' faith in me--I hope I'll be able to live up to it. A fun thing--I get to dye my never-dyed-before hair red! And it looks like my daughter is going to play my sister! I am excited and terrified...


Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

This is fantastic, Gayle. The creative works mysteriously, doesn't it? I hope you'll post photos!


Masha said...


You're excited?

When's the show? xom

gayle said...

Thanks so much, Jordan and Masha! I'm still totally in shock. The creative definitely works mysteriously! The show is in late April--I don't have the dates yet, but as soon as I have details, I'll be sure to post them (and pictures!)