Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have read some fabulous books lately, most notably The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country by Louise Erdrich while on our trip (trips are always good for getting some real reading done). I am currently reading Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie, an utterly gorgeous novel set in Pakistan. I am realizing now that all three books, each in their own way, are about love and language and place; all of them are about deciphering writing (through translation, through pictrographs, through code) to find the enduring truth within. It doesn't hurt that all three are written with such beauty and tenderness, either. I recommend them highly.


Susan said...

I loved The History of Love, too.

gayle said...

Hi Susan!

What other books have you loved lately?

I can't wait to see you later this week!

lin said...

The book is "The Fall of Lucifer", written by Wendy Alec. This book is fictional, but very intriguing. It was packed full with biblical truths, and explained them in a unique but penetrating way.

The book opens with the three Angelic brothers, Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel, in heaven before the fall. Over the course of the book, the essence of the angels is developed. The controversy arises when God created man to be higher than the angels, in that we are created in the image of God. Lucifer was embittered to the point of rebellion.

Various historical events are incorporated, and the plot offers the perspective of an angel into the events. The novel develops the beauty of heaven and the grotesque quality of hell, the depths of evil, and the beauty of grace. It communicates these themes through beautiful imagery and an intriguing plot. The beautiful imagery would make for amazing scenery!

This is a fast read, 300-page novel that is consuming to the imagination and penetrating to the heart. I hope they make this book into a movie. It would be amazing. If you have time, I hope you enjoy it!

Susan said...

Someone gave me a very beautiful and odd little novel called Wild Dogs, by Helen Humphreys. The language is gorgeous. It's about a group of people whose beloved dogs have left their homes to run wild in the forest, and the people stand there calling to them, hoping they will come back. It's about their relationships with each other, and their dogs. Very unusual and beautiful.