Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I found out recently that Diane Wilson, who I interviewed last summer, and whose book, An Unreasonable Woman, I recommended during Buy a Friend a Book Week, is in jail.

Here's the information, from her publisher's website:

Diane Wilson was arrested in Houston on December 5th while infiltrating a fundraiser for recently-indicted U.S. Representative Tom Delay. At the time of her arrest Diane was wanted in Texas on Crimial Trespassing charges from 2002, when she had climbed a tower at Dow Chemical to protest the company's continued irresponsibility following its 1984 chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, where 150,000 people were poisoned. Diane refused to turn herself in for the trespassing charges until Warren Anderson, former CEO of Union Carbide, turned himself in to the Indian government, where he has been wanted for thirteen years for the Culpable Homicide of thousands in Bhopal. Following her arrest in Houston, Diane is currently serving a 120 day sentence for the trespassing charge in Victorial County Jail.

As of December 21, you can now help Diane by donating to the Diane Wilson Support Fund through the Environmental Health Fund (EHF), a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible and can be sent care of:

Gary Cohen, Executive Director,
Environmental Health Fund
41 Oakview Terrace
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Ph: 617-524-6018
Fax: 617-524-7021

Please make checks out to the 'Environmental Health Fund' with 'Diane Wilson Support Fund' in the memo of the check, and thank you for your support!

You can write to Diane (she can only receive letters) at the following address:

Sylvia Diane Wilson
CR # 65510
Victoria County Jail (Calhoun County Inmate)
101 North Glass
Victoria, TX 77901
I learned through CODEPINK that Diane can also receive books, as long as they are sent through a retail distributor like Amazon. She is especially interested in books on meditation and women activists, but any books would help her pass the time. Diane is such an inspiration to me; I can only imagine this experience will make her all the more fired up about her work as an environmental and political activist.

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