Monday, May 16, 2005

Since I was in woe-is-me mode earlier today (sorry about that--it doesn't happen too often), I forgot to mention that yesterday, I had the chance to see Martha O'Connor read from her novel, The Bitch Posse, which I blogged about not too long ago. She was fantastic (and has a very inspiring publishing story to tell. She didn't let rejection get her down--she used it to knock down all her writerly inhibitions and tell the story she really wanted and needed to write. Something I need to heed right now!) Two other writers from the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit were there, too, which was very cool--Ann Marie Michaels and Megan Crane. It was wonderful to meet them!

Martha's friend Jodi took a few pictures at Martha's reading. Here's Martha and me...

And here's Martha, me, Ann Marie, and Megan.

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Eliza Ferree said...

I'll have to read this just because of the title. Just saw a link to your site through Hope you have a lot of success. :)