Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I was hoping to be able to offer a link to an article about Artichoke, my sister in law Sharon's kick ass band, in the New York Times yesterday, but, alas, the article didn't appear. Maybe it will next Tuesday. Science Section Tuesday. Not too many rock bands can be written up in the Science Section of the New York Times, but, then again, Artichoke is not just any band. Their current cd is 26 Scientists Volume One, Anning-Malthus. They ultimately will have a scientist song for every letter of the alphabet.

The A-M songs are so much fun (and impossible to get out of your head--I've been singing Gallileo for weeks.) The picture here, filched from the Artichoke website, was taken at their LA Farmer's Market gig this past Saturday--Sharon is on accordion; her boyfriend Steve, an honest to goodness rocket scientist at JPL, is the one making "radium" during a song about Marie Curie. A few of the band members are out of the range of this picture, including the brainchild of Artichoke, the brilliant Timothy Sellers. They put on an amazing show. Matt and the kids and I were just off to the right of the stage, right next to Steve, munching on bibimbap (and having our food "read" by Steve's geiger counter later in the same song). Artichoke is so great. Now when you read about them in the New York Times, you'll be able to say you heard about them here first!

The LA Farmer's Market is so great, too. Both of Matt's bands will be playing there this summer. I'll post details as the dates draw nearer...

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