Thursday, May 12, 2005

A fun Fruitflesh sighting--my friend Tana was visiting Seabreeze Organic Farm in San Diego, documenting it for her Small Farms project, and she spied a copy of Fruitflesh at the home of the proprietress, Stephenie. She and the farm both sound fabulous:

We stopped in front of a long row of lettuces that were glistening with health. Stephenie said, "With the threats to our national food security, who on earth can you trust more than a farmer?" These are exactly my sentiments: having grown up with a grandfather who embodied the word "integrity" as few I've ever known, I know the farmers possess it in abundance. She said, "I don't follow the rules of some government agency. I have more integrity than any of them: I have to answer to myself."
I hope I'll get a chance to visit someday!

In a completely different vein, I've heard that Fruitflesh is indeed in the stacks on Pamela Anderson's show, Stacked.

Fruitflesh is making the rounds, both organic and artificial!

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