Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Giveaway!

What electrifies you as a writer? If you let me know over at my She Writes blog by this Friday, you could win a copy of The Book of Live Wires (the grand prize includes an ebook, a rare physical edition and a copy of The Book of Dead Birds.) I've been so touched by all of the comments people have left so far--it's deeply inspiring to see what makes people tick as writers. You need to become a member of She Writes to enter--something I highly encourage; it's a wonderful community for women writers.

I also recently posted Knocking on Your Door (On reframing self promotion) (if you check it out, you can see a copy of the first page of the neighborhood newspaper I created when I was 11.)

And going back a couple of months, here are my last three NaNoWriMo blogs for She Writes, in reverse chronological order: Writing Into (and Out of) the Void, Thanksgiving, NaNoWriMo Edition and On Perfectionism: A NaNoWriMo No No.

I look forward to finding out what sets your writing self on fire!

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Anonymous said...

This is my entry for a recent short story contest with Readers Digets that i enteres, 100 words aproximately. It is what i think about writing and what makes me 'tick', i hope you like it an i would like to thank you for holding a fantastic book giveaway.

From: Miss. Lucinda Fountain


Title - The writer
The writer

I took the pen and conveyed thoughts into words. Words forming depictions and interpretations in ones mind, concepts and notions on a particular subject matter. Awaking all consciousness and emotion; words making one feel, inciting all senses, broadening ones mind developing a specific aura. Words projecting symbolism and perceptions conveyed to the reader. I put myself, my uniqueness and individuality within words hence shaping a window into my heart for all to see who endeavor to acquire it. If only a writer could glimpse the readers understanding, comparing judgment on the subject cherished to my heart; what decadence, what intemperance.

Many Thanks xx
(100 words does not give you much 'to play with'!) xxx