Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hi everyone! Sorry for my long absence--between the Antioch residency (amazing), wedding planning (fun but hectic), starting the summer session at UCR and other various life-related distractions, I haven't had time to blog. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

I heard from my PEARS editor yesterday. I guess I can't really call her my PEARS editor anymore because Ballantine wants me to change the name of the novel. I'd grown very attached to PEARS (I'm even going to have marzipan pears on my wedding cake), but I know how important it is to have a resonant title, so I've been listing potential alternatives, and would love some input. I am hoping the title will speak, even subtly, to both threads of the story--those following the mother and daughter who end up at a pear orchard in the Sacramento Delta, as well as the pairs figure skating team bound for the Olympics. And of course I want something that will inspire people to pick up the book (Ballantine thought that PEARS wasn't evocative enough.) These are my top picks so far:

--How to Pick the Perfect Pear
--Compulsory Moves
--Picking Pears
--Pear Season
--Pears on Ice
--Ripening (or maybe Ripeness or Ripe)

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions. If I come up with other top picks, I'll let you know

I have a pub date now, which is exciting--July 10, 2010, almost exactly one year away. The book will be released as an original trade paperback instead of in hardcover first. With the economy the way it is, this makes a lot of sense to me (USA Today featured an article titled Trade paperbacks thrive in tough times earlier this year.) Most readers I know tend to wait until a paperback is released to buy a book, so hopefully this will bode well for the novel; my editor told me that if a hardcover doesn't do well (and none of mine have), bookstores are less likely to order many copies when the paperback comes out a year later--original trade paperbacks have more of a clean slate. So we shall see how this goes!

Thanks in advance for your help--I love the idea of this being a collective experience...


Hibernia said...

What about instead of How to...,

Picking the Perfect Pear
Picking a Perfect Pear

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Can't help but think of the two homophones of pear: pare and pair.

Pare is to break down, pair is to couple up.

Is there a way you can draw on the novel's theme with one of these homophones?

Jonar said...


Chilled Pears? The Chilled Pear?

Titus said...

Pare is also to remove the outer layer.

A Pareable Season
A Season, Pareable

Cover art could be five pears loosely arranged like the Olympic rings with one pear having a coil of peal and a paring knife off to the side.

The double entendre of pareable would catch my eye immediately off the shelf.

Quit Bloglin' Me said...

The Paring Season

pattyk said...

I like "Ripe" . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle,

You've just got to have pears in the title -- the fruit -- for sure!

So with that in mind I like the first title best, How to Pick the Perfect Pear. Or maybe just The Perfect Pear? Or Perfecting Pears? I'll keep thinking about it!

Yay on the publication date! Can't wait to get my hands on it.


Kit Stolz said...

I'm not sure you've found it yet, but I agree with the editor that "Pears" by itself isn't evocative enough.

"Ripe" to me sounds more promising, or maybe some variation on Hamlet's "ripeness is all"...but I confess the right phrase hasn't come to me, either.

Brian said...

Paring pairs

Paring pears

Pairing pares

Pairing pears

pears that pair after paring

pears that pare after pairing

Ripe ice pairs

Complimentary paring

Pair season

Pear lifting

pared pears pair on ice

pear necessities

Picking pears

How to pare the perfect pear

ripe ice pears

talking pears

Solid Pear

Glacial Paring

Frozen paring... break time

Tamm Walters said...

I'm drawn to both How to Pick the Perfect Pear and Ripening. But I'd buy (in hardback) anything with your name on it anyway, so...

Best to you always!

PoozyBear said...

Hmmmm. I'm really drawn to Pears on Ice, but also Ripening.

I also like Hibernia's suggestion of Picking the Perfect Pear. And Catiporter's idea of shortening to simply The Perfect Pear.

Having a little trouble concentrating after reading about your marzipan pears on the wedding cake. Mmmmmmmm. This marzipan lover says heavenly. Absolutely heavenly.

Laraine Herring said...

Hey Gayle -

Ugg - titles. :-) I still am not in love with Writing Begins with the Breath -- so I totally understand this new conundrum. I'm sorry they don't like Pears. I think Pears is the best of all -- but I know that's not an option. My second choice would be Pears on Ice. I'll keep thinking as well -- or, here's the best :-) -- Skating Begins with the Pear. LOL.

Laraine Herring said...

Oh wait - what about Iced Pears?

Romalyn Tilghman said...

My vote goes for Perfect Pears or The Perfect Pear ... which sends me directly into the double meaning.

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking about your pears all morning as I strolled the Farmers Market (and you know how I feel about that experience!). Kept coming back to The Epitaph of a Peach, which I'm sure we must have talked about, as it's one of my faves and reminds me of you.

gayle said...

Wow--thanks so much, everyone! I'm bowled over by your creativity and support. You are all so wonderful!

I heard from my editor today that the publisher doesn't like any of the proposed Pear titles, which makes me sad--I would hate to lose Pears from the title completely (and you all came up with such great ones!) I'll keep you posted...

Thanks again!



I know you will come up with the perfect title but please incorporate pears...I see the cover so clearly, a close up of the gentle curve of a ripe pear.

Oh, there it is. Curve of A Ripe Pear

s.d. said...

Hi Gayle--hope all is well. May be a bit late, but these are just some ideas based on the description of the book in this post.

The Figure Of Pears
The Shape Of Pears
The Golden Pear
Green Ice

That was fun, and I look forward to reading your book!

BKL said...

I liked the last post-- The Shape of Pears and also Ripening.

Pears on Ice makes me think of penguins ice-skating...not sure why.

ALMA said...

I'm with Laraine, I love the simple 'PEAR' about 'PEARS WITH ICED CREAM' nahhh, just 'PEAR'... In Oaxaca went to a marvelous restaurant on the Zocalo, 'Como Agua Pa' Chocolate'...after the novel, 'Like Water With Chocolate'...and I had the Quails in Rose, I actually felt dizzy eating it, will post a photo of it on Facebook. Hope your wedding is wonderful, to pears...Almaluz xoxo