Monday, May 04, 2009

I think I've found the blog of my dreams, Literary Food Porn: Descriptions of Food from Literature. Food, books, who could ask for more? I can even remember drooling over the picture they use for their banner as a child (although I can't remember which book it's from--The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, perhaps?) Thanks to Maud Newton for the link!


fatima k said...

Hi Gayle,

This is Fatima, the creator of the food blog. I'm so glad you like it! Yes, the picture is from The Country Mouse and The Town Mouse. If you have any ideas for excerpts, by the way, please let me know!

Quel said...

That's funny. I'm that way about food in movies. That sandwich that Adam Sandler makes in Spanglish was burned into my memory. I even googled it to find the recipe and ate it and loved it and blogged about it. It was as lovely as I imagined. What is it about food?

gayle said...

Hi Fatima--fun to see you here! Thank you so much for creating your blog! And Quel, I love food in movies, too. I haven't seen Spanglish, but now I want to just for the sandwich! :)