Tuesday, May 26, 2009

As I was driving to campus today, I burst into tears when NPR announced that Prop 8 had been upheld by the California Supreme Court. Such a dark day for our sunny state. The Courage Campaign remixed their moving Fidelity video in response to the news; you can see it here (and click here to help get it on the air):

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Rachel said...

I already shared some thoughts with you on the upholding of Prop 8, via Facebook. I did not see any surprise.

It's a sad day when President Obama, having to answer to the conservative nonwhite homophobes who put him in power, has to oppose gay marriage, while master torturer Dick Cheney, suddenly seizing the "individual right" concept of the Republican Party, comes out clearly in favor of marriage equality. Granted, Cheney has an advantage - dealing with an openly lesbian daughter - but I do think people (especially on the liberal side) grossly underestimate the power of individualism that is a defining trait of European/white cultures (and the power of nonwhite homophobia/communalism).

I do think conservative white states will legalize gay marriage first, and drag California kicking and screaming. It's already happened in Iowa and throughout New England. And there is also the huge possibility of the Republicans pulling off a pleasant surprise on this issue, just like the Democrats of the 1950s and the 1960s pulled off another pleasant surprise by being the party of civil rights and former slaves, rather than the party of former slave owners it had been.

I was a bit upset over this news - then far more upset over the fact that due to the lower education levels in CA, and the theocrats' mob rule, I cannot even make a living on level terms. I think I can kiss marriage equality and lots of other perks of a civilized society goodbye forever, unless California somehow fixes its fundamental social problems (broken education/budget, rampant theocracy) first.

I got a flyer from UCLA Extension re: residency novel writing program with you. My current intention is to apply for it. Looking forward to working with you again soon - and to actually getting Sarah's story out (and hopefully contributing to a more civil discussion of LGBT issues).