Friday, April 24, 2009

Please sign our petition at to urge Nancy Pelosi to support an investigation that will expose the torture and abuse committed in our name and hold the perpetrators accountable. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Why would you associate with these people? Aren't the least bit tired of humoring people who are so wrapped up their ideologies that all rational thought is driven away? "Perpetrators." Puh-leeze. You want to punish those who are fighting the people who would dearly love to murder you and your whole family? And you stake out the moral high ground in doing so? Why? So you can win the hearts and minds of terrorists? Wow. You've been breathing way too much rarified air. Come out of your ivory tower so you can begin interacting with the real world.

gayle said...

Dear Anonymous,

"These people" are among the most inspiring--and real--people I know. It makes me sad that instead of having a civilized debate about such issues, these arguments devolve into name calling and stale, party-line talking points. I very much live in the real world, thank you very much. I am not trying to win the hearts and minds of terrorists, and neither is anyone else in CODEPINK. We are trying to speak out for sanity and justice. Waterboarding has not made our country safer--it has done just the opposite. High ranking generals have said exactly that, so it's not just some liberal rarified position. We all share this very real world, and I hope that discourse can evolve past tired arguments and hiding behind anonymity so we can move toward a greater human peace.