Friday, September 05, 2008

I so wish I could have been at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions with my CODEPINK co-madres. How exhilarating and inspiring to see CODEPINK women stand up and speak truth to power during Palin and McCain's speeches. When McCain said "please don't be diverted by the ground noise and the static" as Liz Hourican and Nancy Mancias were hauled away, I thought about Bush dismissing hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets to protest war as a "focus group." Mr. McCain, you have to know that the only thing static is you (even though you purport to promote change)--we will keep moving, keep speaking, and we will hopefully rise up together enough to keep you out of office.

I have posted this before, but it feels appropriate to share it again now--my essay Disrupting Power chronicles my own experience creating "ground noise" at a political event.

If any of you are in the Riverside area on the evening of 9/11, we are planning a much more peaceful event. The Other 9/11, held in front of the Gandhi statue at Mission Inn Ave. and Main St. in Riverside, will commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s first nonviolent action for justice on September 11,1906 in addition to honoring the victims of September 11, 2001 and exploring alternatives to violence. There will be music, speakers, poetry (including some from yours truly), and plenty of information to help you promote peace in your life and community. It should be a lovely night.


Rachel said...


I wish I could make it to your peace rally on 9/11, though I won't make it.

I'm sickened by Palin and her extremist social conservatism. Unfortunately, she is very representative of the Alaska I know. I hope these "Alaskan values" don't get shoved down the throats of the rest of us.

1-star review on Self Storage on ideological grounds? Congratulations - your novel is doing its work on pissing off the right-wingers!

Now, back to preparing for my Korean trip, during which I will certainly fight the Korean conservatives' blatant support of the Republicans. I'll demonstrate to them that it's possible to hate Bush and still be pro-American.

I'll see you sometime after I return - but I will keep you updated from Korea.


gayle said...

Thanks so much, Rachel. I very much look forward to your dispatches from Korea.

I'm sickened by (and terrified of) Palin, too. I can't believe McCain is ahead in the polls! We really need to rally progressive voters (and yes, remind people that dissent is patriotic!)