Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A couple of events on the horizon...

--I'll be teaching a workshop on Writing for Social Change at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference August 2nd (my sister/niece/grandmother's birthday!) The conference runs from July 31st-August 3rd. I'm excited--I've never been to Mendocino before, and have heard wonderful things about both the area and the conference.

--I'll be speaking at the annual fundraiser for the Democratic Club of Carlsbad-Oceanside on Sunday, August 10th (thanks to my mom for setting this up!)

And, because things have been so quiet around here lately, let me leave you with an image of someone who seems to love strawberries as much as I do (thanks, Michael, for sending me the link):


catiporter said...

Is it just me, or does that turtle look positively overjoyed at finding that luscious strawberry?!

What a great image! Maybe it will inspire a poem...?

Andi said...

Talk about reveling in fruitflesh . . . awesome

Rachel said...

Great photo!

BTW, August 2nd is also my sister's birthday as well!

Wishing you best of luck with the social change class in Mendocino - I hope your experience teaching the UCLA Extension class will translate into a better experience there.


gayle said...

Yes, that turtle makes me very happy--it looks overjoyed indeed! :) I just did the strawberry exercise in one of my classes yesterday--I should have written about a turtle!

How cool that your sister's bday is August 2nd too, Rach. And I know my time teaching the UCLA class will definitely enrich my teaching in Mendocino. It's so cool to know that members of our class together--including you!--are taking the ideas and bringing them out into the world...