Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have been moved to tears by all the beautiful photos of same sex weddings in the media this week--it's humbling to see such pure joy. I was delighted to learn today that one of my lovely Palm Desert MFA students, Bryan Burch, and his partner Mark, were the first same sex couple to get married in San Bernardino County. Mazel tov, Bryan and Mark, and all other couples who can finally tie the legal knot that should have been yours all along.

This is a much much less historic occasion, but still a landmark in my little world--tomorrow (well, today, to be technical about it) I begin my stint as a faculty member at the Antioch MFA residency. I graduated from the program in 2001; it is awfully cool to be able to step through the looking glass and join the program now as a mentor; I'm sure I'll learn just as much in this role as I did as a mentee!


catiporter said...

Yes, stepping through the looking glass indeed -- it doesn't seem that long ago that you were going through the program, and now that I am, you're on the faculty!

It was so wonderful to have you there with me this week!

gayle said...

It was wonderful to share the experience with you, Cati! I look forward to future carpools. :)