Monday, May 05, 2008

A few more events on the horizon:

-Tuesday, May 13th, 6pm: Covina Library
-Sunday, May 18th, 3pm: Raqs LA Dance Festival
-Thursday, May 29, 11am: Brandeis Women's Book and Author Luncheon, Rancho Santa Fe
-Friday, June 6-Tuesday, June 10: Kachemak Bay Writers Conference, Homer, Alaska
-Monday, June 16, 6:30pm Buena Park Library
-Wednesday, June 18, , 6pm, Alta Dena Library
-Thursday, June 19, 5pm, Bay Shore Library (Long Beach)
-Saturday, June 21, Arcadia Library, 2pm (I think I'll also be reading at Antioch University that evening)

I have more to add, but I'll do that when the time draws nearer. I still can't believe I'm going to Alaska (and racing home to get to my son's high school graduation)! June should be a rich and crazy month; May already is...


Rachel said...


I will definitely be in attendance on the 18th in Glendale, and most likely on the 29th at Rancho Santa Fe. (Need more info on the latter.)

See you then! (And also say hi to Arcadia for me next month - as you know, I grew up there)


Rachel said...

Sorry, scratch Rancho Santa Fe - that's down near San Diego, I won't make it.

Will see if any of the classmates can make Glendale as well!