Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cati tagged me to write a six-word memoir, a meme inspired by the smash hit new book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. I've been wanting to try my hand at one since I first heard about the book, so I'm glad for the chance. Here goes, off the top off my head:

Shy unless I'm writing or dancing.

I'm a lot less shy than I used to be, but shyness is still a big part of me, as are writing and dance (my doorways to boldness). All three have been at the center of my life, of my self, since I was small. But here I am explaining away when the six words should stand on their own.

Rather than tag five specific blogs, I'll just go ahead and tag whoever wants to give it a try. Have fun...

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Cati Porter said...

Very cool. I'm glad you figured out that you were "tagged" considering I blew it forgot to tell people!