Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yay! I can blog again!

I've been away from my computer a lot lately; once I returned, itching to blog, blogger locked me out of my account because I had been tagged as a "spam blog" for some reason. The verification process took awhile, but happily I can get back in the blogging saddle now (or at least I can when I have some time. I'm between two events today and have to scramble to get ready for the one posted below. I hope you'll come--I'm very excited about it; Diane Lefer and I both spoke at an impeachment rally last night and I'm eager for more time with her, plus all the amazing people of CODEPINK. And another person has been added to the line-up: Tom Hayden! Pretty amazing!) If you can't come tonight, perhaps I'll see you tomorrow at 2pm at the Corona Public Library (sorry I didn't post this info sooner.)

More to come, barring any chaos (this has been a week of much chaos, so we shall see...)

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