Friday, June 29, 2007

My friend Cindy posted the sweetest picture for me--Marilyn Monroe holding a photo of Abraham Lincoln! Cindy knows all about my Abe obsession. Right now I am wearing an Abe-kido t-shirt from McSweeney's. I would link directly to a picture of the shirt, but it's not listed anymore--needless to say, it's Abe doing martial arts (Akido, to be precise). I bought it for a couple of reasons--I had seen it at the store at 826 Valencia and had been tempted, but for some reason never got around to buying it. I decided to order it to mark finishing a draft of my new Lincoln-themed novel, and also to help McSweeney's out during a time when its distributor filed for bankruptcy and the press lost $130,000 in revenue. The McSweeney's folks are doing incredible, important work--please send some business their way if you can. The marvelous Soft Skull is hurting too--please help keep them alive (I personally plan to order Jamestown and The Amputee's Guide to Sex. Everything is 40% off through today...)

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