Thursday, June 14, 2007

My AAA membership lapsed, but rather than renew it, I just signed up for Better World Club, which is like a green AAA. They offer pretty much the same benefits as AAA (roadside and travel assistance, etc.) plus they donate a portion of their revenue to environmental clean-up and advocacy, and even offer opportunities for activism through their policy campaigns. Pretty cool, huh?! I'm glad we can vote with our dollars through companies like this.


Rachel said...


I've heard of Better World as well, as well as how their policies compare to Chevron-friendly AAA.

However, hotel discounts are an AAA perk I use often - so I am stuck with them. AAA also issues international driving permits, and offers reciprocal benefits at foreign clubs such as CAA in Canada and AA in the UK.

I also blame the California Democratic Party's utter disregard for motorist issues, for AAA's Republican slant, as much as I blame AAA itself.

But I'll be more than happy to hear your experience with Better World... and will see if I can attend one of your upcoming appearances (Brea and Chino are both close to me...).

Have a nice day!


gayle said...

Hi Rachel!

Better World offers a few hotel discounts, but I don't think they're as extensive as AAA. I'll let you know about my experience with them once I've had a chance to dip my feet in. It would be wonderful to see you at one of my events--I was hoping that would happen!