Monday, June 18, 2007

I sent my new novel to my wonderful editor today. I'm not sure if I want to dance or throw up! The novel is not polished yet, not by any stretch of the imagination; it's at the stage, though, where I know I could fiddle and fiddle with it indefinitely but it would be more fruitful to fiddle with it with her. We have until October to get it into shape; I have no idea how much work lies in front of me (probably a lot!) but I'm very eager--and a bit scared--to get her notes.

Oh, and I have a new title: Immensity. What do you think? My previous working title was My Life with the Lincolns, but that didn't fit as much once I shifted the narrative into third person and brought in another voice. I pulled the word Immensity from a quote from Mary Lincoln--she was relieved when her son's ghost sat on the foot of her bed because she had been worried about him being out "in immensity" all alone. I suppose the title could change again, but for now I really like this one.

Turning this manuscript in feels immense to me indeed. I wasn't sure I'd ever finish the beast, or give it a heartbeat. Hopefully it has enough life to sustain it now.


Anonymous said...

I like the title "Immensity" Big, bold, yoga-like and open.

Plus, I can't believe you're drafted through another book. I"m jealous.


Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

This IS fantastic news. Revel in this moment of freedom!! Hoorah.


Rachel said...


I look forward to reading it soon.


gayle said...

Thanks so much, Andi, Jordan and Rachel. Your support means the world to me!


Kit Stolz said...

"Immensity" first reaction is yes! Good to hear the news...

gayle said...

Thanks so much, Kit! :)
Wonderful to hear from you!


dmccafferty said...

How marvelous for you, Gayle! Congratulations!

gayle said...

Aw, thank you so much, Dominique! :)
I think I owe you an email. I have fallen so far behind on everything--I've been in such tunnel vision mode with finishing this draft! I wish I had a bit of a breather now, but I have to pick up the slack of everything else I've let go (anthology deadlines, syllabus to write, etc. And an email to write to you, which I'll try to do soon!) :)