Sunday, March 25, 2007

The wonderful Irish author Damian McNicholl has named this blog a Blog That Makes Him Think. I'm so touched (especially since I often wish I put more thought into this blog rather than just dashing off posts here and there.) You can find more about the origin of these awards atThe Thinking Blog.

Now it's my turn to name five blogs that make me think. I am a bit of a blogaholic, so it's very hard to choose only five--there are so many blogs out there that spark my thoughts and inspiration. Here are some of them:

1. rae's CODEPINK road journal, which keeps me beautifully up to date with all of CODEPINK's creative actions. I wish I could be in DC at the CODEPINK house right now, but at least I can get the vicarious experience through Rae's blog.

2. Have Fun*Do Good. The tagline says it all: "A blog for people who want to make the world a better place AND have fun!" A delightful and inspiring resource.

3. Susan Henderson's LitPark, "Where Writers Come to Play". Susan offers up wonderful interviews with writers and artists, and asks a thought-provoking question about the writing life every week for her readers to explore. Susan just sold her first novel, and I know it will be as insightful and entertaining as this blog!

4. A Change in the Wind. Kit Stolz has created the most accessible and enjoyable blog about climate change around (not that climate change is enjoyable, but Kit's writing sure is!)

5. Buzz, Balls & Hype. M.J. Rose often reminds people that writing is an art, but publishing is a business. This blog helps writers navigate the often-confusing business side of things (plus she offers Writer's Therapy with the amazing Dr. Sue every Friday.)

I'm already feeling guilty about leaving off so many fabulous blogs--I wish I could have nominated 50 instead of 5! I remember when I first heard the word "blog", it sounded like something phlegmmy and disgusting. I couldn't imagine the word ever becoming part of my vocabulary. Now I can't imagine blogs not being an important part of my day, a vital source of information and inspiration. It's incredible how our lives change with technology (and how people change technology to make it their own...)


Kit Stolz said...

Thanks Gayle! I have a new and improved look in the works, which I hope will help remind those of us concerned about our changing climate that our world is still surpassingly beautiful, and will remain so. Further, it cannot be mentioned too often that the sort of changes we need to make for the sake of our atmosphere are changes which will give us a better world. (More community, more local products, a more transparent government, more thoughtful consumption of energy, and so on.)

We've been making something of a mess of things, but a good clean-up will improve our lives and our home, and I'm sure we'll look back in a few years, and be glad we acted.

Susan said...


Wow, what an honor to have LitPark mentioned in such company. I love Midge from CODE PINK!

Britt Bravo said...

Thanks for including Have Fun * Do Good, Gayle! Sorry we didn't get to meet face to face when you were in the Bay Area.

gayle said...

It's such a pleasure to hear from all of you! You're each doing such wonderful and important work; I'm very glad to be able to give you this little tip of the hat! :)

I hope to cross paths with you next time I'm in the Bay Area, Britt.

And yes, Kit, I agree--these changes will benefit all of us in so many ways. We do live in such a surpassingly beautiful world, and I think when we acknowledge this, and do what we can to protect it, we bring so much more beauty into our lives.

Thank you for bringing beauty into the world through all of your work...