Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In other New York news, I'm going to be reviewed in the freaking New York Times tomorrow!!!! I have GoogleAlert to thank for giving me this sneak peek. I'm flabbergasted, in the best way. Or maybe I should say I'm feeling insouciant (who knew I was so insouciant?! This is the second review of Self Storage to contain a variation of that word.) A delightful Valentine's Day present, to be sure.

(And in honor of Valentine's Day, here's my latest CODEPINK alert: Make Love, Stop War.)


Eileen Terris said...

Insouciant-adj. Light-hearted; carefree and unconcerned.
(I would be lost without my dictionary.)

"SELF STORAGE" by: Gayle Brandeis

"YES", it woke me up at 3AM and insisted I read it.

The author is a master at weaving a contemporary tale, and speaks the message, spoken by all the great sages.

gayle said...

Aw, Eileen, thank you so much!