Saturday, January 13, 2007

A couple of cool things--

The fabulous Lauren Cerand, who I enlisted to help get Self Storage out into the world, mentioned the book in this lovely piece about the presence of poetry in her life.

Speaking of poetry, thank you to everyone who came to my readings this week--I am very grateful for all of your enthusiasm and support! Which leads me to the other cool thing...

I am going to be named the January Arts Honoree by the Riverside Arts Council this coming Tuesday, the 16th, at the Riverside City Council meeting. I am so touched to be recognized by the community this way. If anyone would like to come to the award presentation, please show up the City Council Chambers (3900 Main St., Riverside) at 6:15pm on Tuesday. I'll try not to get too teary.

Self Storage comes out in 10 days!!! I just had some postcards printed--if you'd like me to send you a few to scatter at your favorite library, coffee house, etc., or if you'd just like one to grace your refrigerator door, send me an email at gaylebrandeis at gmail dot com with your address and how many you'd like, and I'll pop 'em in the post.

Thanks so much!

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