Friday, December 22, 2006

Life is B-A-N-A-N-A-S right now (thanks to Kit Stolz for alerting me to this wonderful image!) but I thought I'd take a moment to touch base and wish everyone a joyous and decidedly non-banana-like holiday season (unless, of course, that is what you are hungry for!)

Some fun Self Storage news...You can also find the book in the January issue of Redbook (recommended on the same page as my friend Laura Ruby's new book, I'm Not Julia Roberts!) Here is what they have to say

Celebrate Yourself.

Flan Parker's Children and friends mean everything to her, but she still yearns to find her own place in a confused, fearful post-9/11 world. Guided by the words of her favorite poet, Walt Whitman, Flan sets off on a surprising journey of self-discovery in Gayle Brandeis's witty and heartwarming novel, Self Storage.

Self Storage doesn't hit stores until January 23, but Bookreporter is giving 10 free advance copies away to people who would like to preview the book and comment about it on their website. You can find out more here.

Happy holidays, everyone! Hope they're warm and delicious and meaningful for all of you.

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Kit Stolz said...

You're more than welcome, Gayle. If you get a chance, take a look at the artist Daniela Edburg's other work too -- she's amazing. Google "Drop Dead Gorgeous - The Morning News" (because I can't remember how to write an HTML link right this minute.)