Monday, July 03, 2006

As of Saturday, we have a 1971 31' Airstream Excella trailer in our backyard! It's huge and silver and amazing. I would post a photo, but Blogger still isn't letting me share pictures for some reason (you can look at a similar trailer here.) My mom got an excellent deal from a family who had lived in two Airstreams while their house was being built; the one my mom bought had been their teenage boy's pad. It's in great shape for its age--certainly much better shape than the mouse-poop-infested one we saw in Ramona had been (although this one does have a bit of an earwig infestation). The front end of it was transformed into a design studio complete with drafting table; we're going to rip that all out, create more seating/sleeping space, get everything all nice and shiny, etc., and then my mom will either sell it or rent it out. I hope it will be in liveable shape by the time my sister and her family get into town later this month--it will be great guest room space. For now, I'm just enjoying seeing it gleam through the window.


Susan said...

Gayle-- do you use a Mac? I couldn't get mine to put pictures on Blogger until I switched to Firefox, which is an awesome web browser.

Check it out! I want to see your photos!!

gayle said...

Hi Susan! I have a PC, not a Mac--I used to be able to post pictures here just fine, but in the last couple of weeks, whenever I try to post one, nothing happens. Very strange. I will definitely check out Firefox--I know a lot of people who love it.

Hope you're having a fabulous day!