Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I am posting this forward from a friend. I wish I could head down to the farm to show my support.

Dear friends and family,

I have already contacted many of you about what is going at in the
South Central Farm in Los Angeles. This amazing 14-acre farm--which
provides food and a safe community space for over 300 families--is
something that I am passionate about preserving. Those who are on the
farm are facing eviction and arrest as I type, and bulldozers are
standing by to destroy the farm. What can you do?

1. If you are in the area, please go to the farm now to show your
support. Please also call our elected officials (numbers below).
2. If you are not in the area or unable to make it to the farm, please
call LA's city officials. Even if you are not from LA, please let them
know that people all over have their eyes on LA and that you want them
to use their power to save the farm.
Mayor Villagarosa 213.978.0600
Councilperson Perry 323.846.2651

Please take action NOW!
Thank you!

PS Please visit www.southcentralfarmers.com and
www.southcentralfarmers.org for more info. Also, check out the message

Tuesday, June 13th, 5:00 AM ~ URGENT BREAKING NEWS



WHAT: Eviction of South Central Farmers and Supporters Darryl Hannah
and John Quigley still inside the property, other peaceful protesters
conducting nonviolent civil disobedience.

WHERE: South Central Farm - 4000 S. Long Beach Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90058

Please come now. Bring cameras, video cameras, signs, shirts, anything
for a PEACEFUL demonstration to show the world that this is place
important to our common future and heritage. Go!

WHY: For over three weeks supporters have been on site at the South
Central Farm, the nations largest urban farm, which serves as a
14-acre oasis in the middle of L.A.s concrete jungle. This 14-year-old
community gem functions as an active farm for more than 350 families
and fills a local need for fresh produce, green space and a safe haven
in a poverty-stricken region of Los Angeles. The farmers, community
volunteers and celebrity supporters are in a daily state of peril
anxiously awaiting the farms fate.

Media Contact Leslie Morava (310) 428-9380 - Harold Linde 323-382-7554

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