Monday, April 10, 2006

Every time I think of Jill Carroll, I feel a rush of happiness. It was a treat to read the thank you note from her family yesterday. They mention "We may never be certain which steps actually led to her release", but I have a theory (be it a completely subjective and emotional one that may have no connection to reality.) The day before Jill Carroll was set free, her twin sister Katie made a moving plea for her release. I know the power of sisters. I would do anything for my sister. And I'd like to think that maybe her captors have sisters, too, and maybe they were swayed by Katie Carroll's heartbroken message. It feels like a real possibility to me--that sister bond is such a deep one. Whatever led to her release, I'm so grateful Jill Carroll is free. I very much look forward to reading/hearing her full account of her experience when she is ready to share it.

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