Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There's no business like show business...

Rehearsals continue to be a lot of fun--I get to be lifted high into the air by a 6'7" guy, and also carried across the stage on my side by three dancing men; it makes me feel like a little kid, getting hoisted around like this.

The production has hit a bit of a snafu, though--the director found out a few days ago that the Corona Civic Center Theater is undergoing major renovations and may not be ready in time for our show. We're scrambling to find a new performance venue now. I suggested the auditorium at the Sherman Indian School, among a few other places. I have been so concerned about the portrayal of Native Americans in the show--the play was written in the early 1940s, and is very un-PC, very culturally insensitive--and thought that it would be good to get the local Native American community involved as we revise the script to make it less offensive. The director is working to change the most egregious lines, but I'm worried some will remain. I have changed some of my lyrics, as well--I have to sing a song called "I'm an Indian, Too", which contained all sorts of horrible stereotypes. I'm working to make it much more respectful. Anyway, it turns out that Sherman is no longer loaning out their auditorium, but some of the native dancers from the school might be able to join the production, which would be wonderful (assuming we find a place to stage the show...)

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