Thursday, February 02, 2006

If you're here via BoingBoing (which has become an invaluable resource for me, by the way), welcome! Here is the latest letter from Abby Frucht regarding the action to support Jill Carroll:

Hi. A few of us at are initiating a gesture of support for Jill Carroll. We don't harbor any illusions that by doing this we will effect her release....but we want her to know, when she is released, that she had the support of other readers and writers and that we didn't forget her.

Here's how it goes.

Send a blank journal, a blank notebook, or a small sheaf of blank papers to: Al Jazeera International, P.O. Box 23127, Doha, Qatar.
On the first page of the blank book, write this letter or one like it:

To Al Jazeera News, I am one of a group of readers and writers sending you this blank book in the hope that Jill Carroll will soon be able to fill it. Please do your best to convey this message to her captors: Let Jill Carroll go, so that she might continue to write about the things that have made you so eager to claim our attention. Through Jill, and through the gesture that you will make by setting her free, we other writers, readers, and thinkers will better understand the differences, and the vast similarities, between our corners of the world.

Send the books airmail asap. Thanks for Joining Us.
Abby Frucht
Let me know about your support!
Update: Welcome to Salon Broadsheet readers, as well. It's cool to find myself in the places I visit daily (especially when it's in the service of a greater good).

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