Monday, January 30, 2006

I was heartsick to see this photo of Jill Carroll at

The Christian Science Monitor offers this update:
A new 40-second video of Jill Carroll aired Monday on Arab TV station Al Jazeera. The video, broadcast without audio, pictures Ms. Carroll wearing a white headscarf and weeping. Al Jazeera's newscaster says on the video that Carroll is appealing to the US military and the Iraqi Interior Ministry to release all Iraqi women prisoners, and that this "would help in winning her release." The footage appears with a time stamp of Saturday, Jan. 28, two days after the US released five Iraqi women prisoners along with 414 men prisoners.

Monitor Editor Richard Bergenheim immediately released this statement: "Anyone with a heart will feel distressed that an innocent woman like Jill Carroll would be treated in the manner shown in the latest video aired by Al Jazeera. We add our voice to those of Arabs around the world, and expecially to those in Iraq, who have condemned this act of kidnapping. We ask that she be returned to the protection of her family immediately."

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