Thursday, January 26, 2006

I have been holding my breath, waiting to hear some news about kidnapped journalist, Jill Carroll. I find myself identifying strangely with her--it could be something as simple as the fact that we both have dark hair, that we both are idealistic writers. But I think it's also the fact that if I didn't have kids so young (I was studying abroad in Bali when I found out I was pregnant with my son), I may well have spent my 20s trekking around the globe like her, listening to people's stories, giving their voices a forum. It's something I still want to do; I am happily able to do this within my community now, but I would love to spend more time exploring the rest of the world, as well. I am terrified for Jill Carroll, but I am also holding out hope for her safe release. At the Christian Science Monitor, you can read updates about her situation, and letters of support from all over the world. I was especially touched by this statement to the kidnappers from her father which reads, in part:

I wish to speak to the men holding my daughter. I hope that you heard the conviction in Jill's voice when speaking of your country. That was real. She is not your enemy.

When you release her alive, she will tell your story with the same conviction. Alive my daughter will not be silenced.

Yours is a story which can be told to the world by Jill. Allowing her to live and releasing her will enable her to do so.

As you know by now, my daughter is honest, sincere, and of good heart. Her respect for the Iraqi people has been shown through her words as a reporter.

Jill started to tell your story, please, allow her to finish it.

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