Monday, December 05, 2005

Liam Callanan offers an intriguing writing prompt over at Old Hag. The prompt ties in nicely with Self Storage, since both have to do with the stuff people leave behind. I won't share Callanan's whole post here, but I can give you a peek:

Estate sales are usually of older couples, right? I mean, I’ve not been to many, but I get the concept: everything goes. And so you usually find yourself poking through a smelly, dusty, wildly outdated house looking at old dishes and wondering if they’re worth anything.

This house was not like that. It was well-kept up. Extensively redone, inside and out. True, it reeked faintly of that off-the-rack-style luxury favored by the suburban Sopranos, but this was no older couple. So why were they moving? (For sale sign out front.) And why were they selling all their stuff?

All their stuff. In the kitchen: egg timers, dishwashing liquid. In the living room, a huge menorah. Patio furniture outside. Upstairs, beds, televisions, computers. In the master bedroom’s walk-in closet, dozens of pairs of shoes, men’s and women’s.

He ends saying
What happened?

You tell me.

Anyone up for the challenge?

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