Saturday, December 24, 2005

In case I don't have another chance in the hubbub of the holidays--and our trip to Toronto from 12/26-1/1--I want to wish everyone a beautiful, peaceful, joyous holiday season. 2005 has been a punishing year--so much natural and political disaster--but I end it with a sense of hope. We were able to prevent drilling in ANWAR. We were able to put some breaks on the Patriot Act. We were able to help expose the lies of our administration. May 2006 bring even more victories for humanity and the planet (and may it be a fruitful and fulfilling year for all of you on a personal level!)


Rachel said...


Have a nice trip! It was a pleasure working with you this year - and reading The Book of Dead Birds!

Your post about surveillance is making me very sick and worried as well, I must say. But you are speaking up through this blog, and it gives me hope.

Here's to another year of fine literature and activism.


gayle said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! It was a pleasure working with you this year, too.

And yes, may 2006 be full of great writing and great change...