Monday, December 12, 2005

I was driving around today, listening to NPR, when an announcer broke in to say that our Governator had decided not to grant clemency to Tookie Williams. Hearing the news made me feel physically sick. At 12:01am tonight, Williams, a man who learned to teach peace, will be strapped to a table; lethal chemicals will be injected into his veins. I can't believe our government can still condone such a barbaric act. How can we consider ourselves civilized if we practice state-sponsored murder?

Tookie Williams found redemption. Now Arnold is the one who needs to find it for himself. I hope he'll be able to feel Williams' blood on his hands.


Dominique said...

Oh, Gayle! I'll cry right along with you! Where is their compassion?

gayle said...

I know many people are crying with us, Dominique. I still can't believe the execution really happened. Compassion sadly doesn't even seem to be part of the national dialogue anymore. Remember how Bush ran on a platform of compassionate conservatism? Such lip service. His administration has been the exact opposite of compassionate. It's tragic that Arnold is following that lead.

Dominique said...

Compassionate conservatism. It's laughable. It has proved an oxymoron.