Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yay, California voters!!! I'm so delighted that we were able to say No to Arnold--every single proposition failed. The people have spoken; what a wonderful sound.

Our polling place is the American Legion hall, in the park down the street from our house. I'ts a wonderful funky old building with a ballroom that features the biggest disco ball I have ever seen in my life (and it's a cool disco ball, too--handmade, with shards of mirror pieced together, mosaic-fashion.) We have been voting there for years, and thought we knew the whole building, but last night, a volunteer led us down a hallway to a world we had no idea existed. There is a whole rat-pack era lounge in the back, complete with black vinyl barstools and a pool table and rat-pack era clientele. It felt like stumbling into a David Lynch movie, or falling down a rabbit hole. They serve tacos on Tuesday night, steak dinners on Friday night (not sure if they have anything I can eat that night; a baked potato, maybe),and breakfast on Sunday mornings. We are huge fans of breakfast out, and had no idea there was a place we could walk to on Sunday morning for a plate of eggs. I love making unexpected discoveries like this! Matt went back later last night with our friend Dave to surprise him with the place. Sadly, they weren't able to sit down with a beer; it turns out the lounge is only open to American Legion members at certain hours (although the meals are open to the public). Maybe we can get a membership, since my dad is a WWII veteran. Or maybe my anti-war activities would prevent that from happening. We'll see...

Speaking of veterans, you can take a sneak peek at the Veteran's Day op-ed I co-wrote with Medea Benjamin here. I'll let you know where it lands on Friday.

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