Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was very happy to see this article in the LA Times today: Merging Movies and Activism. The piece profiles Participant Productions, a new film company that, according to its website, "believes in the power of media to create great social change. Our goal is to deliver compelling entertainment that will inspire audiences to get involved in the issues that affect us all." They not only are putting out some great films (including George Clooney's latest), but are also offering ways for the audience to get more involved in the issues raised by each film. The LA Times writes:

The company's website has a specific social action campaign built around each Participant film. "North Country" is linked to Stand Up, a campaign geared at ending sexual harassment and domestic violence. The "Syriana" site, which will launch next week, will be linked to Oil Change, a campaign to reduce America's dependence on oil.
I hope the adaptation of The Book of Dead Birds will end up on their desk. I think it would be a beautiful fit.


Donna said...

Has someone optioned The Book of Dead Birds?

gayle said...

Hi Donna! Casey DeFranco has written a gorgeous screenplay adaptation of the book. Last I heard, her agent wants her to do a few revisions before he sends it to producers. If anything happens, I'll be sure to post about it!