Monday, November 21, 2005

I was so inspired by Cindy Sheehan and Jodie Evans and Dolores Huerta and Daniel Ellsberg (and all of the wonderful presenters) at the Office of the Americas Awards dinner on Saturday. All of the honorees spoke so eloquently about how a single person can make a huge difference in the world, how when the people speak, the leaders will eventually follow. It was a thrill, a real energy boost, to be in the presence of such beautiful power. And I was seated next to a true soul-sister--Jasmina Tesanovic, a feminist author/publisher/filmmaker from Serbia, who is very active in Women in Black (and we even have the same curly crazy hair.) I am so glad I met her, so excited to stay in touch with her.

The rest of the weekend involved a staying-up-until-3am Bucksworth show, and an amazing massage/milk bath/facial--the first of my life--the next morning (my sister in law and I finally used the gift certificates my mother-in-law so generously gave us for our birthdays--mine in April, Heather's in June.) To make the weekend more wonderfully surreal, we left the spa in a relaxed daze, blinking at the sunlight, our limbs all oozy, and stumbled right into the Doo Dah Parade!

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