Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy Election Day! Don't forget to get to the polls. You might want to even consider becoming a Poll Observer. This information is from CODEPINK:

Did you know that we can go INSIDE polling places as OBSERVERS? (Sec. 14294)

There has been lots of discussion about the offensive Diebold machines, but not much lately about all the other 'glitches'. Voter disenfranchisement, intimidation, last minute polling place changes, long lines, names missing from the roster, etc... So if you can make it to be an observer at your neighborhood polling place... the important point is end of day, grab a good book, (eat something, you will be there late), a friend and go to your polling place at around 5PM.

The following was taken from the LA County Registrar's instructions to the official poll workers.

Following that is the protocol for closing up. Print it out and take with you so you can make sure what you see what's supposed to be happening. Watch carefully. Be like a fly on the wall and report back any 'irregularities' to Sarah (310) 204-5674 (leave on msg machine).

*POLL WATCHERS AND OBSERVERS (the following from the registrar's instructions)

"In addition to those officially designated by political organizations as "Poll Watchers," anyone may observe the electoral process at polling places.

Poll Watchers may look at the Roster of Voters as long as the voting process is not delayed. They may not at any time handle voted or unvoted ballots. Only voters and Pollworkers may be in the area of the voting booths or the Ballot Box. Only Pollworkers and persons signing the Roster may sit at the table used by the Board. Poll Watchers may be present before the polls open and after the polls close and throughout the voting day.

Cooperate with Poll Watcher requests as long as they do not interfere with the normal voting process and do not violate the Elections Code.

In your Election Guide & Checklist you are instructed to post a single copy of the Street Index. You are also instructed to draw a line through the name of each voter who has voted on the posted copy of the Street Index every hour up until 6 p.m.

This is required by California State Elections Code (Sec. 14294) and assists political campaign representatives and/or members of the public in knowing who has voted. Campaigns use this information in their "Get Out the Vote" efforts. Please keep your Street Index current and cooperate with those who are seeking this information."

If you get there before 5, ask to see this list and count the number of people who have voted so far. Save the number and call it in to Sarah (213) 804-7824 -leave message precinct number, number voted out of how many and time of day. If you can and are so inspired, stay until the polls close and observe the way the polling place is closed. Click here for a pdf of how the polls are regulated to be closed- so you can truly be in the know and ensure this election is handled correctly. We are the people, and it is our responsibility to watch the elections closely and carefully.

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