Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

I love what the Pittsburgh contingent of CODEPINK is doing to mark the day:

For the second year in a row, Codepink will gather (dressed in pink of course) in downtown Pittsburgh on the most frantic shopping day of the year, to tell consumers to buy nothing - especially the war. We will take the opportunity to stress anti-consumerism, and anti-militarism. We will be passing out large pink price tags, reminding shoppers of the high human and financial price of war. We had a great crowd last year, and hope for more this year. We will be chanting our favorite "We're Women, We're Marching, We're Not Out Shopping".

If I had more energy today, I'd be tempted to throw on some pink and do this at the local mall, myself.


Anonymous said...

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Nathan Snee from Pittsburgh said...

The Code Pink organizations anti-military recruitment campaign is a disgrace to the USA. I think that these women need to understand that there right to protest came via military actions and that they should truly move to another nation. They should probably take the money that support these campaigns and donate it to a noble cause, like the hungry!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm impressed by the Pittsburgh Code Pink Buy Nothing demonstration. Must of taken work, time (and fun I hope) to come up with the price tags of war to each household. Thanks. Abbie