Friday, October 07, 2005

I wish I could go back to DC this weekend for the Washington Write A Story Day. This visionary event was created by novelist Joyce Hackett. She is asking Washington residents to write stories about experiences they've had in public DC places. Around 40 free creative writing workshops will be offered all around DC this Saturday (at places such as libraries, shelters, jails, religious centers, and hospitals) to help people unleash and craft their stories.

I so admire Hackett's impulse to create this event, and her execution of it (even--especially--in the face of fear). Very inspiring. She writes:

Throughout the planning I kept referring every morning to my literary mug, which has the Eleanor Roosevelt quote : "Do something everyday that scares you." ...

WWASD is my attempt to do something that scares me; to help people who have a story to tell do something that scares them; to bring the resources of the literary community to people who don't always benefit from them; to map the city via narrative; and to open a conversation between Washingtonians about their experience of public space and of each other.

I hope similar events will crop up around the country. I can definitely envision a Riverside Write a Story Day...

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